Lisa Rockstar

LISA proves to be a ROCKSTAR with her new single

We recently learned the news of BLACKPINK’s LISA’s return and without a doubt her single once again demonstrated her talent.

Lisa surprised the world again with her talent, this time in a solo comeback, but not just any comeback… this is the first comeback and single she releases under her brand new new agency LLOUD, which she founded a few months ago.

The new single, called ROCKSTAR, shows us a completely renewed LISA, with a catchy melody and a vigorous and explosive choreography.

As a curiosity, it is worth saying that several iconic locations in the city of Bangkok, in Lisa’s native country, Thailand, were used for the filming of the video. That included LLOUD offering up to 20,000 Thai Baht ($545) to each establishment in the China Town district that closed early, so our star could film on their main strip.

The video has also caused a lot of talk due to its size, with more than 70 extras, motorcycles, skaters and dancers on screen, as well as the appearance of three very famous trans women influencers in Thailand: Chinnawat Promsri, Bruce Kachi-sarah and Aëffy.

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