ondas suaves

Soft waves for your hair

Defined curls are behind us, check this out.

They are much easier to achieve and if you have short hair you will not have any problems, in addition, you can do it with a dryer and a round brush, the old-fashioned way with tubes or tongs. 

The options are many and if you love wearing your hair down it will be your favorite hairstyle of the season, plus you will look super elegant at all the posadas and Christmas parties, check this out.

Do it like this:

  • With a dryer: Wait for your hair to dry, divide it into sections and start from the bottom up. Apply a volumizing spray or silk if your hair is very frizzy. Take a strand, roll it around the brush and release the air from the dryer, start releasing it by making the curve and that’s it. Practice until it comes out, it will be straight on top and curved at the ends.
  • With tubes:  With hair a little damp, divide your hair into large sections. The tubes must be large so that the waves are not so closed. Place them from the bottom in the back and on the sides. Leave them on until your hair dries, while you can do your makeup or do anything else. Blow dry to secure the waves, release and spray.
  • With curling iron: Wait until your hair is completely dry and apply a heat protective silk. Divide it into thick parts and start from the bottom. Place the curling iron vertically, so the waves will be more natural, curl it from the middle to the ends and don’t take so long to release it so that the curls are more open.
  • With an iron: It is the same procedure as the curling iron but a little easier. Don’t forget to apply a silk that protects it from heat and do it from mid-lengths to ends. Separate the strands with your fingers and apply spray so they last a long time.

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