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7 Hairstyles that drive guys crazy

Your hair can be a weapon of seduction if you know how to use it.

The hairstyles that we love and the styles that attract them can be from completely different worlds, but how do we know the difference? Obviously, each guy has his preferences, but it’s very true that a large majority create a pattern and, although we can’t generalize, we can get an idea.

The thing is to ask the guys and know exactly what they prefer. Have you ever tried it?

Make them fall in love!

  •  Straight and Wavy: It’s easy to see why this is their number 1 answer, don’t you think? We see movies, TV shows, and other types of multimedia featuring women with long, wavy, beautiful, and very shiny hair. We get it, they like to see something attractive and nice to the touch, but will it be enough for them?
  • Ponytail: It’s sophisticated, practical, and a classic. Why do they like this hairstyle? Very simple, because it allows them to see your face perfectly; your eyes, your smile, and any other imperfection you might want to hide with your hair will be exposed, and they love that.
  • Librarian Style: Do you know this hairstyle? It’s about pulling back the hair with a clip or some pencils, and it’s well known among librarians who need to have their hands and eyes clear. Why do they like this hairstyle? Because few men haven’t had a fantasy with a librarian or teacher like that, so it automatically became a very sensual hairstyle.
  • With Volume: Hair with volume looks rebellious, messy, and quite sexy, why? Because after a makeout session with your guy, your hair will look exactly as we described. It’s not pillow hair; it’s passion hair, and that brings them to their knees.
  • Pigtails: Unfortunately, pigtails are a sexual symbol among adults; from sexy cheerleaders to very innocent-looking students. When you can pull off this look successfully, you’ll notice that all the guys turn to look at you.
  • Pixie Cut: Most guys prefer long hair, but there are also many who like a short and cute style. The pixie cut is, even though they don’t know the term, one of their favorites because it can look very natural and innocent on the right person. The problem is that it must complement the girl’s features so that it can suit her.
  • Asymmetrical Bob: The bob is a style that many guys prefer on a woman with short hair, but if it’s asymmetrical, they’re automatically attracted. Why? Because it looks rebellious and has a lot of style and personality. It’s definitely a hairstyle that commands attention and will never look bad on any type of face.

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