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Tell me what shoes you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

Did you know that your footwear reveals a lot about your personality? Keep reading to find out!

Like clothing, the shoes you choose to wear say a lot about who you are as a person and how you interact with others. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, as many people, especially women, buy many shoes in different shapes, styles, and colors. However, there’s often a pair of shoes that they love and wear all the time, right? That beloved footwear reflects your personality and how you treat others.


  • You’re direct, confident, and enjoy elegance; you’re a sophisticated girl. You’re the type who enjoys dressing up, takes time with makeup, and takes pride in being the prettiest among your group of friends. You enjoy a glamorous lifestyle and being the center of attention.
  • If these heels aren’t your choice but you love them, we recommend wearing them with an essential accessory: confidence.
  • Guys love heels because they’re a symbol of sensuality, style, and confidence. Unfortunately, many guys feel like they’re too much and sometimes feel intimidated by them.
  • A platform or wedge signifies style but not necessarily status. If these shoes are your favorites, it means you’re down-to-earth and love the company of your friends. You enjoy wearing this footwear because it adds a bold touch and makes you feel more confident. You dress to make a good impression, but you don’t really care much about what others think because comfort comes first.
  • Additionally, it means you’re direct, passionate, and a dreamer. Overall, you’re very chic, and nothing will stop you from making your dreams come true.
  • Guys like this type of footwear because they’re still somewhat like heels to them, but despite that, they think they’re made for very formal girls.

‘Flats’ or “flat shoes”

  • Flats can be worn anywhere and in any situation, so usually, girls who prefer to wear flats are those who don’t dress to impress or consider themselves very fashionable. You’re a super friendly and outgoing girl. You also enjoy being active, productive, and going out for walks.
  • For guys, this type of shoes denotes naturalness, comfort, and a super flexible and friendly girl. For them, a girl with flat shoes means they’re conservative and down-to-earth.

“Sneakers” or “tennis shoes”

  • Tennis shoes are very obvious as they characterize the casual girl who prefers comfort. You’re possibly a sporty, active person who doesn’t care much about what others think of her. You have your own style but don’t follow trends or everything others say is popular. You’re the type of person who doesn’t get along well with rules and in fact, likes to break them because you’re also a bit rebellious.
  • You love being the girl who’s up for anything, enjoys trying new things, and simply hates being labeled as just an ordinary girl like everyone else.
  • Guys think that a woman wearing sneakers is very relaxed and cool. In fact, they believe they are very fun and approachable.

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