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Hairstyles for curly hair

If your mane is curly and unruly, we have some lovely options for you.

This hairstyle is phenomenal because it meets two requirements: it’s easy to do and it looks super cute. The braid elongates the face and the hair still looks as it is: curly.

To successfully do it, first of all, you need to separate your hair into two sections. What you’ll do with both sections is as easy as pie for any girl: some braids. Tie them with hair ties and secure the braid on the left at the top right of the nape, and vice versa. See how simple it is? It’s a simple hairstyle of two braids that is easy to manage and create with a couple of hair ties and hairspray.

This hairstyle is for girls with long hair; it’s simple and has a rebellious and retro style. The high bun stays on top of your hair and draws attention to your face. It can be messy, sleek, small, big, or however you want it. It’s versatile and easy to do.


  • This bun is perfect for those occasions when you didn’t have time to shower and you don’t want anyone to see a super messy mane or worse, with a lot of oil and grease.
  • First of all, you need to make a regular bun but, unlike other hairstyles, you should leave some extra hair to use later. Tie up the bun you’ve made and pull the sides to give it more volume. Once it’s neat, use the excess hair to wrap around it and you’re done!
  • Arrange the hairstyle with bobby pins and use your hairspray to tame your hair and make it last longer.
  • If you want a rebellious look, we recommend leaving the bun as it is and tousling it a bit. However, if you’re attending a specific event, you can adorn it with small decorations. Since it already has a lot of volume, large accessories may make you look overloaded.

This hairstyle is very simple to do when you have short hair. First of all, make an inverted ponytail, from there on, the hairstyle is super simple, you just have to pin it to the nape of your neck with many bobby pins and, within the inverted ponytail, you should tuck in the excess hair. It might not come out right the first time but, after several attempts, it will look great!

It may be difficult to understand, but the hairstyle itself isn’t.

If you think your hair is too unruly and you can’t tame it, we recommend straightening it carefully and styling it with accessories.

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