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Tips to secure a perfect score on your upcoming exams

The exam weeks are about to begin, bringing with them mornings filled with stress, bad moods, and the desire to avoid going to school at all costs.

We understand; we’ve been through those days so many times. The worst part is that we often fill ourselves with negative thoughts and bad vibes that govern our day, and things can go south quickly.
Here are some perfect tips to start your mornings super positive and with all the good vibes that we need.

Note down which subjects you will study, from the most difficult to the easiest. This way, you’ll focus all your attention and energy on the topics that need it most. Set time limits to keep yourself on track and avoid distractions (especially your phone).

According to studies, when we dress well and feel happy with what we wear, it’s highly likely that we’ll achieve good results. This doesn’t mean you should stop studying—dressing well won’t give you the answers, unless you happen to have the accordion hidden in your skirt…but any tip helps on an exam day.

Waking up in a bad mood or feeling lazy is not an option, so hit play on your favorite song and sing along while getting ready for school. This will help clear your mind of exam stress and brighten your mood. Your mom will appreciate it.

That tactic has never helped; it confuses you more. It saturates your mind, and afterward, all the topics, dates, formulas, names—everything—get jumbled up. If you want to look at something on the way, check your gallery. Look at photos with friends and family or view images that bring you happiness. It will relax you and bring greater clarity to your mind.

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