Lia appeared at the ITZY concert, exciting everyone

Lia was seen sitting among the audience at an ITZY concert held in Seoul on February 25th. This marked Lia’s first public appearance in months, following a hiatus due to health issues.

Lia’s appearance took place at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul, where ITZY held the second concert of their Born To Be World Tour, which will take the girls to various countries around the world. The concern and excitement of Lia’s ITZY members were palpable:

Chaeryeong shared: “Seeing her, I couldn’t help but cry”.

Ryujin reassured Lia: “It’s not your fault. We missed you so much”.

Yuna observed: ““Lia is crying”.

Yeji pleaded: “Please refrain from filming her crying”.

Even Chaeryeong’s parents, who were beside her, couldn’t contain their emotions and shed tears upon seeing Lia.

Let’s remember that Lia is on a hiatus due to being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and panic attacks, and she didn’t participate in the band’s latest hit, ‘Untouchable,’ nor in the world tour. However, attending the concert shows how brave she is and her love for ITZY. Fans of the group are more than moved and are sending numerous sweet messages to Lia, expressing happiness and gratitude for her appearance and wishing her a speedy recovery.

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