RIIZE’s Seunghan spotted on the subway reading letters left by fans

Fans have inundated him with heaps of supportive messages.

Seunghan from RIIZE has been on a group hiatus for over four months now, with no indication of whether or when he’ll return or depart completely from the lineup. This has left many fans feeling stressed and anxious about his future, and any tidbit of information regarding his whereabouts and status is eagerly welcomed.

Many RIIZE fans are hopeful for Seunghan’s return to the group, which has been promoted as a six-member ensemble during recent comebacks. Nevertheless, Seunghan was recently spotted in a public setting, engrossed in reading a stack of supportive letters left by fans who unequivocally want him back as soon as possible.

A TikTok video shared by user @kira.nites depicted what appeared to be the RIIZE member on a subway, perusing a display left by fans. The display was adorned with dozens of letters, and Seunghan seemed to be diligently perusing through them.

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