K-Pop boy group gains attention for their “dramatic and orchestral” comeback.

In an era where short, TikTok-friendly K-Pop songs have become the norm, it’s refreshing to see a K-Pop song released that doesn’t follow the trends. Recently, a lesser-known third-generation boy group has returned with such a song, and it’s gaining traction on some social media platforms.

The boy group in question is ONF, with their newly released song “Bye My Monster,” part of their album “Beautiful Shadow,” which came out on April 8th.

It’s been about seven months since their last comeback, “Love Effect,” in October 2023, which was their first comeback since all the members completed their military service. And fans of the group seem to be delighted with this new release, which takes the artistic, dramatic, and orchestral aesthetic of K-Pop songs to a whole new level.

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