Benefits of having male friends as a woman

We tell you why it is best for you to be her friend and nothing more.

Surely you have a group of friends with whom you get along amazingly and go out together everywhere. The problem is that these groups tend to be quite exclusive and never allow us kids to enter. Also, some people think that men and women can’t just be friends and nothing more. Well they are wrong!

Diversity is the basis of any society, so it is important to know the other side of the coin closely. Also, see it this way. If you have a male friend, you have an expert counselor for boys (because he is one of them) who could support you and help you resolve your doubts or problems. It’s like having a personal spy!

That’s why I’m going to tell you all the benefits of having a man friend. I’m not talking about a friend with benefits or a ‘friendzone’ where one of the two wishes there was something more, but rather a true and sincere friendship in which the only thing that unites them is the affection they have for each other.

Look at this:

  • Things as they are:  We always tell things as they are. We are not going to beat around the bush nor are we going to treat you with tweezers. Do you need objective and real advice? That’s what we’re here for!
  • Fun: The truth is that our ways of having fun are not for everyone, but if you are willing to get out of the ordinary and have fun without worries, very pleasant times await you. It would help you to get out of your routine and try something new and different, don’t you think?
  • Accomplices:  And what happens when you like a boy? We can tell you if he suits you or if he is a jerk. We could even help you achieve it! If you go out partying and see the boy you like, the situation could be a little lighter and that would help you achieve your goal.
  • Yes it is possible: Despite what some people think, men and women can be friends. Things don’t have to become awkward, nor do they have to fall in love. If you know that its dynamic works, why change it?

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